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Specialised Industry

Plastic Roll in Factory


The Specialised Industry Pathway is for those who want to understand fundamental tools and develop digital skills to help rapidly accelerate their capabilities and allow them to better manage the digital transformation initiatives within their workplace.

Through this pathway, you will gain insight into the application of AI in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, understand the real-time monitoring and decision-making capabilities of digital twins and be able to assess risks and opportunities to improve operational efficiency and develop a digital transformation roadmap.



Learning is tailored to you - our flexible pathways give you the opportunity to choose the modules which best suit your career goals.

Our Learning Engagement Lead will be with you every step of the way, offering advice and supporting you with the development of a bespoke action plan to set you on the path to career success.

1-2-1 sessions with our subject-specific industry experts will also provide valuable insight, knowledge and expertise to help you progress within your career.


Robotic Arm Development

Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

Identify and evaluate core technologies, apply data-driven decision-making and develop a digital transformation roadmap with this module.

Space Telescope

Digital Design and Manufacturing

Understand different approaches to digital design and manufacturing, optimise digital supply chains and discover practical tools to enhance manufacturing processes.

A group of construction workers.

Industrial Data Analytics

Learn how to carry out past and predictive analytics, enhance efficiency and decision-making and implement analytics dashboards for real-time monitoring.

Backend Developer

Digital Twins and Smart Factories

Gain an in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of digital twins, learn how to upgrade current operations to smart factory standards and utilise digital twins for predictive maintenance activities.

Artificial Intelligence

Applied Artifical Intelligence in Engineering

Gain insight into AI's application in the field of engineering and understand basic algorithms to solve challenges and optimise systems and processes.

These modules reflect the core learning objectives of the Specialised Industry Pathway.

Once accepted onto the pathway, you will confirm which of the core modules you wish to complete, along with any additional modules to supplement your learning. 

We recommend Learners look to complete no more than 5 modules, but this will be agreed with our Learner Engagement Lead once you are registered onto the programme. 


For a full list of all available modules, see our module breakdown.


If you have any questions regarding the Skills Pathway Programme, please email us at

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