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Skills Bootcamps for Employers & Employed Learners

If you are an organisation looking to upskill your current employees or find new and exciting talent, then our Skills Bootcamps may be for you. 

Our range of Skills bootcamps are designed to support employers to futureproof their business in a rapidly changing labour market at an affordable cost.  

Skills bootcamps not only give our learners the knowledge on their chosen subject, but the practical ability and skills to embed their learning straight away in the workplace.  

Alternatively, if you are seeking to employ a new member of staff with specific skills, you can sign up to interview one of our skilled learners who have already completed their course. Either way, one of our Skills Bootcamps can benefit your business and enhance workforce capabilities. 

There a several ways your organisation can engage and benefit from our Skills Bootcamp:  

  • Upskill your existing workforce – our Skills Bootcamps are available to employers at a highly subsidised rate. This provides effective and affordable routes to develop workforce skills and invest in existing staff to take on additional responsibilities or job opportunities within your organisation.  

  • Improve productivity and retention – Providing your staff with investment into their career shows that you trust them and value them as an employee. 

  • Find new talent – Recruit skilled learners who have completed one of our previous or current Skills Bootcamps.  

  • Develop employees’ mentoring skills – Nominate yourself or your employees to mentor learners on existing and future Skills Bootcamps. 

  • Engage with other skills programmes – We have multiple skills and training programmes that can support organisational skills gaps. We will work with you to identify needs and explore how we can support this.  

  • Develop a bespoke Skills Bootcamp of training to meet your specific needs – Do you have 6 or more employees you are looking to upskill? If so, we can work with you to develop a bespoke Skills Bootcamp offer to submit to be funded.   


"We engaged with Workforce for the Future primarily to build our own skills in the short-term, to fill in those gaps where we didn't feel as confident, but really going forward as we aim to grow the company and employ more staff, we see it as a great resource as an SME to support our new members of staff and offer them development opportunities which we just couldn't resource any other way"

Andrew Lindsay - Managing Director at Cerberus Security Laboratories

How much does a Skills Bootcamp cost?

Skills Bootcamps are subsidised for employers to access for their employees. The fee employers are required to pay per an employee are:  

  • Self-employed individuals – 10% of Skills Bootcamp fee  

  • SME organisation contribution (per employee) – 10% of Skills Bootcamp fee  

  • Large organisation contribution (per employee) – 30% of Skills Bootcamp fee 

The cost per a Skills Bootcamp may vary, full pricing details are available on the specific Skills Bootcamp course page.  

What commitment as an employer do I need to make?

As part of your commitment to your employee’s development you will be asked to sign an employer agreement which confirms you will:  

  • Make the financial payment of the Skills Bootcamp subsided fee for your employee(s) (please note this cannot be passed on to the employee directly) 

  • Release your employee(s) to attend all taught sessions  

  • Provide your employee with a progression opportunity within 6 months of the completion of the Skills Bootcamp. Example progression opportunities include:  

  • An increase in salary  

  • An interview for a new role, promotion, or interview to take on new responsibility  

  • Learner moving into new role or taking on additional responsibility  

  • An agreed and time-bound development plan for the learner which will show clear progression opportunities over a 6-month period 

  • For self-employed learners you will need to provide an ‘Action plan’ explaining what new skills you have acquired and how you plan to secure new work opportunities/contracts resulting from those new skills. 

What are the entry requirements for learners?

For most of our Skills Bootcamps, no previous knowledge in the subject is needed, our learners just need the willingness to learn new skills and be able to commit to attending the training sessions. Alongside this, all learners must:  

  • Be aged 19 plus 

  • Not be currently in full-time or part-time education 

  • Have the right to live and work in the UK  

  • Live in England 

  • Have not registered and/or attended (including partial completion) any other skills bootcamp from any provider in the current financial year (from point of application)  

  • Agree to provide mandatory personal data and supplementary information on their employment outcomes for up to 6 months following completion of the Skills Bootcamp 

Some of our Skills Bootcamps may have additional entry requirements, please see the specific Skills Bootcamp page to check for additional information.

Next Steps

Want to know more? Complete the interest form and one of the team will be in contact to answer any questions and provide further information.


Is the Skills Bootcamp subject you’re interested in not listed? We are constantly developing our Skills bootcamp portfolio and are keen to hear from potential learners of which subjects would help to boost your employability opportunities. Let us know your thoughts!  

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