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Offer Internships at your Organisation

How taking on an intern can benefit your business

Taking on an intern from our Skills Bootcamp cohorts could bring fresh skills and energy to your organisation for a short period and even lead to permanent employment.

Our Skills Bootcamp learners are fully equipped with knowledge from our digital suite of courses and have been immersed in our rich programme of wrap-around support to improve their employability and know how to apply their learning to real life situations. 

Internship opportunities offer a short-term solution to a skills gap within your organisation or help it grow from experience you didn't even know you needed. 

“We had the wonderful opportunity of hiring Tasnim, a digital marketing bootcamp intern. The skills she had gained on the course were immediately applied to our Knowledge Transfer Partnership promotion activity. This included creating animated video’s, research into target markets and blogs. We were very lucky to have such an enthusiastic, creative and diligent addition to our team. My only regret is that we couldn’t keep her on for longer.”
(Ellen Parkes, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Manager, 2023)

What do we ask of you?

What will you gain?

  • That you offer interns the National Living Wage 

  • That the role has a clear job description which will give the candidate some experience in digital marketing activities (should involve a minimum of 50% Digital Marketing focussed activity)

  • The role is a minimum of 12 weeks in length (full-time or part-time, part time must be a minimum of 3 days per week)

  • To set some outcomes / goals within the timeframe of the internship

  • That you appoint someone within the team to dedicate some time and support to the intern 

  • Connections to a motivated workforce

  • Candidates with up-to-date, relevant skills for excellent value

  • Potential for mentoring experience

  • Give someone the chance to enhance their employability and add to their professional development

  • Potentially a future team member who can grow within your organisation and bring new perspectives

Express your Interest

If you would like to offer one or more internship opportunities within your organisation, please proceed by completing our very simple Expression of Interest below and we will be in touch to discuss in more detail how we can collaborate. Equally, if you would just like to know more about Internships or the Skills Bootcamp Programme, please contact us today.

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