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Digital Skills is a programme of training and support (as part of Workforce for the Future), concluding in Autumn 2023 for SMEs in the West of England to become more digitally literate. The programme focused on upskilling the region's workforce, growing networks and future proofing organisations. Contact the team below to find out more about current support in the digital space and legacy of the programme.

UWE Bristol Digital Capability
Business Support 

What Are Businesses Saying About UWE Bristol's Digital Support? 

Case Study 1: Life Skills 

Case Study 2: Artemis Clarke 

Case Study 3:
Visit West

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“Any other organisations who are interested in working with UWE Bristol or doing similar workshops, I would 100% recommend it. It has changed the way that we do things, and the continued support has been second to none.”


“I feel incredibly lucky to have come across the guys at UWE and the programmes that they offer. You know you're so wrapped up in the day-to-day that you don't always know where to turn. And I recognise the fact to actually scale the business we have to get smarter in terms of making things more efficient, using technology to help market the business better.”

Artemis Clarke

Contact the team

If you would like to speak to a member of the team at UWE Bristol before registering your interest or have any questions, please email us via and we will be happy to help. 

About Workforce for the Future

Workforce for the Future was delivered on behalf of the West of England Combined Authority (WECA)

and funded by the European Social Fund (ESF)Please visit the West of England Combined Authority Growth Hub to find out more.

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