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Digital Skills Training


"We engaged with Workforce for the Future primarily to build our own skills in the short-term, to fill in those gaps where we didn't feel as confident, but really going forward as we aim to grow the company and employ more staff, we see it as a great resource as an SME to support our new members of staff and offer them development opportunities which we just couldn't resource any other way"

- Andrew Lindsay - Managing Director at Cerberus Security Laboratories

"Digital marketing has been identified as something that we are really poor at, we've spent a lot of money with no  result that has covered the cost…There's a whole package around digital that's been absolutely brilliant and we've been able to find support that is specifically what we need… and I'm in no doubt that if we implement the strategies that we're working on as a result of this then my goals for the business are very achievable." 

- Mark Moran - CEO and Founder of Hydrate for Health