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Inclusive Digital Bootcamps aim to help you secure new or better digital employment in a range of subject areas. The bootcamps are free to register for anyone based in the West of England, but are specifically targeted towards women, young people (19-25), people from underrepresented ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities who have a desire to improve their employment opportunities. 

The bootcamps are delivered by UWE Bristol as part of the Digital Skills Investment Programme.

Applications are now closed, but please register your interest below so we can contact you if we run the bootcamps again in the future. 

Data Science & AI

Business Discussion

Who is it for?

This 16 week bootcamp is designed for individuals looking to develop and bring together skills in data management, modelling, analytics and artificial intelligence. 


You will be introduced to the basics of editing and running code written in the programming languages Python and R, and be taken through different tasks that might be expected of a data scientist and data analyst working within a business or organisational context. 

What will I learn?

  • Mathematics and computer programming

  • Data science fundamentals

  • Software development

  • Machine Learning & AI approaches

Clean Air


Who is it for?

This 11 week bootcamp is designed for individuals looking to develop their careers in air quality and is ideal for individuals who have a keen interest in environmental management, air pollution, public health, carbon management, or sustainability. 


This bootcamp is also open to businesses in the WECA region to upskill their current workforce to meet their future skills needs as a fully funded programme. 

What will I learn?

  • Air Quality Management and Policy;  

  • Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling;  

  • Citizen Science/Low Cost Sensors;  

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation;  

  • Public Health & Inequalities; 

  • Communicating complex science; 

  • Emerging pollutants and Low Carbon Futures. 

User Experience (UX) Design


Who is it for?

This 14 week bootcamp is designed for individuals interested in understanding and improving the user experience of digital applications and products through considering usability, information architecture and interaction design.


You will be encouraged to explore a broad range of innovative interaction design concepts and briefs, to inspire your own creativity and to learn how to design products that are effective, efficient and satisfactory to use.

What will I learn?

  • Principles of user centred design

  • Cognitive processes   

  • Experimental design   

  • Rapid prototyping   

  • Quantitative methods & task analysis methods   

  • Observational techniques   

  • Usability testing & user interfaces  

  • HCI standards and guides 


Each bootcamp has an embedded industry project element. This will allow you to:

  • Build and showcase your higher-level skills to potential employers

  • Implementing your learning in real-world scenarios


Throughout the bootcamps, you will be paired with an industry mentor to complement your learning and open up doors to future employment opportunities.

There will also be opportunities to access specific mentoring support if you are from an underrepresented group within the digital industry.

Are you interested in becoming a skills bootcamp industry mentor? 

job preparation

Each of the bootcamps will finish with a 2-week ‘Preparation for Employment Module’.You will be provided with a range of in-person and online support tools to help you secure higher-level employed roles.

Support includes:

  • CV & Cover letter writing

  • Interview preparation

  • Introductions to relevant employers

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