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Below are details of our current training course offers. As this part of the programme is based on developing support around our SME needs, our offer will continue to be developed throughout the life of the Workforce for the Future programme as areas for development and opportunity emerge through our discussions with you. 

We want to maximise the benefit of the courses and so will look to schedule cohorts based on demand and needs. Hence, we will not be advertising course dates, but ask that you register your interest for any of the courses we offer. You will then be put on a waiting list and we will be in contact to discuss the course and date options. 


How do I book a course? 

If you are an individual wanting to book onto a course, please complete the expression of interest form below. You may register your interest in as many courses as is applicable for you, or request course support which is not currently listed. Courses will be run based on demand. 

To access the courses your organisation must be registered with Workforce for the Future.  

Course Expression of Interest 

If you would like to request any of the courses for your organisation (i.e. for a group of 6 or more) please contact us on:  

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Leadership & Strategy

Developing a digital approach – action learning programme 

  • This programme is designed for senior leaders and decision makers in the organisation who want to develop their awareness of the digital landscape within their organisation, better understand how technology is currently used, and to start thinking and planning for their organisation’s digital future. Delivered over a six-month duration through action learning sessions, you will work with peers from other organisations from your sector or similar business areas to look at aligning your digital approach to your organisational strategy & governance and stakeholders; complete a tech landscape audit; create your roadmap and tactical planning; and look at how to plan for uncertainty.  


Digital Leadership for senior managers  

  • This workshop is designed to help senior leaders understand the full impact of a digitalised work environment, so that they can align their business objectives with digital strategies. It will develop your understanding of digital leadership and show you how to apply it to transform your business.  


Leading remote teams  

  • This workshop will help you identify relevant remote work practices and learn how to apply these to your workforce to increase their performance. It will help you as the manager to develop effective behaviours for managing remotely, while creating and maintaining motivation among team members within a virtual setting  


Business Model Innovation  

  • This workshop takes you through digital business models and the innovation economy. The workshop will have a number of practical sessions to engage with the business canvas model and present practical actions back to the group. The workshop will also include a 20-minute 1-2-1 consultation with the deliverer.  


People Culture & Organisation 

Running and participating in successful online meetings 

  • Understanding the importance and power of good meetings is the same as investing in the success of any business or vocation. Whether you are hosting, chairing, facilitating or participating in online meetings, there are a number of vital things to be aware of and actively support in order to ensure that the organisation, its members, beneficiaries and stakeholders benefit from the power of meetings.  


Developing your organisations digital skills  

  • This workshop is designed for managers or HR individuals on how to identify the skills your workforce needs to support your business and how to assess their current skills to identify gaps.    


Developing trust and collaboration online 

  • In this interactive workshop, you will explore how to create ways of working together in a virtual environment that develops trust and supports collaboration. You will explore the dynamics in both existing and new teams and learn how to include new members in a way that supports everyone. Onboarding a new member of staff exclusively online is a challenge that many leaders and managers have had to face in the last year and there are many lessons learnt in the process that we will investigate and develop further together.  


Skills to teach yourself new technology  

  • Technology is now embedded in all aspects of our lives and is constantly changing and developing, needing us to engage and constantly learn. While this provides us with opportunities, new technology can often be daunting or overwhelming. This workshop will look at tools and techniques you can take to manage your own learning using different approaches, other than classroom-based training.  

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Customer Insight & Interaction

Running virtual and hybrid events 

  • While there will continue to be a place for full in-person events in the future, the flexibility and potential reach of virtual events are so significant that organisations will continue to harness online technology and delivery of events as part of a successful engagement strategy. However, online delivery of an event requires taking account of multiple considerations; from identifying which online platform will meet your needs, how you ensure you keep your attendees engaged, and how you achieve your event objectives. This two-day interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for you to not only learn the fundamentals of designing and running a virtual event but also how to ensure success and the creation of a lasting legacy.  


Digital fundraising  

  • Explore ways you can actively fundraise online to support your organisation’s fundraising strategy.   


Introduction to Digital Marketing  

  • This two-day interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to not only learn the fundamentals of digital marketing but take steps to implement a digital marketing strategy and activities directly into your business and identify future areas to explore in more depth.  


Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy  

  • This practical workshop will walk you through developing your digital marketing strategy and how you can combine this with non-digital marketing channels to maximise your reach. Across the workshop you will explore; understanding external market conditions, identifying priorities, strategy and tactics, using organisational audit to maximise opportunities and minimise challenges, and look at monitoring and evaluating performance.  


Social Media Marketing  

  • This workshop will look in more depth at how to manage your social media activity, including identifying appropriate communication channels for your audience and producing engaging content for your social media platforms.  

Data Analytics for Marketing  

  • This workshop is designed to help you learn how to pick out the most important parts of the marketing data that you need. As well as outlining the range of marketing metrics that you might use, you will learn how to home in on those metrics that are crucial to your business. Most importantly, you will learn how to interpret numerical information, using it to support business decisions.  The workshop will cover Google Analytics / Facebook insights, data analysis principles, data analysis tools and software and how to use insights to drive change  


Understanding your CRM and Enhancing your Customer Experience (CX)  

  • Understand how CRM technology can support and enhance your customer journey and maximise the potential of your customer data to build stronger relationships with your customers. You will look at how to identify the right CRM system for your business and integrate this into your supply chain, and understand how SAP (System Applications and Products) could work for your business to improve efficiency and allow for better decision making and strategic planning.  


Search Engine Optimisation  

  • Explore how search engine optimisation works through keyword analysis and selection, and how this links through to your business’ website to maximise reach.  


Digital Service Delivery  

  • This workshop with explore how you can provide your traditional in person services through digital platforms.  


Process, Operations & Data

Fundamentals of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories  

  • Delivered at our learning lab in our Engineering Building on Frenchay Campus, this practical workshop will explore how Industry 4.0 technology can help your businesses to grow and embrace technology to create efficiencies. Over the workshop you will explore some of this technology and gain an understanding of areas including: cyberphysical system, sensors (evaluate sensors, assess types of data they produce), cloud computing basics and Industry 4.0, Blockchain and control of manufacturing processes (process control, feedback, process modelling, monitoring, Predictive analytics)  


Fundamentals of Data Analytics  

  • This workshop aims to introduce learners to the major concepts of business analytics (supported by case studies and examples from various industries) and provide them with tools to solve simple business analytics problems.   


Harnessing the Benefits of E-Commerce  

  • Discover how to create a better online experience for your customers through e-commerce.  


Managing Projects  

  • Learn how to successfully plan, run, monitor and control projects in a digital environment.  


Developing your Digital Supply Chain  

  • Explore how technology is changing the ways you can interact with your supply chain and allow you to get greater value.  


An Introduction to Machine Learning  

  • Explore how machine learning can help your organisation to capitalise on its information assets and use them for both evaluating performance and identifying new opportunities  

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Technology & Security

Understanding cryptocurrencies and how they my impact your business  

  • Designed to increase awareness and stimulate debate, this half-day interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including their conception and basic operation. This workshop aims to equip you with the know-how to be able to identify whether your business will seek to accept cryptocurrencies, an awareness of risks posed, and processes to mitigate such threats.  


Introduction to Robotics  

  • This practical workshop will allow participants to learn through a hands-on approach to gain an insight into different hardware options and operating systems for industrial robotics. Based in our Bristol Robotics Laboratory, you will get an overview of the robotics sector, while having the opportunity to use three industrial robot arms and have experienced technicians onsite to answer questions and provide demonstrations.  


Fundamentals of Digital Twins  

  • This introductory course will introduce you to the concepts of digital twins and how they can benefit an organisation by having a virtual replica of your system that is run in a simulation environment to test its performance and efficacy. Over the sessions you will explore; the concept and definition, models and data and the frameworks and benefits if utilising a digital twin in your organisation.  


GDPR basics  

  • This course focuses on GDPR and your role as an employee in ensuring you handle data securely and comply with regulations. The workshop will cover the key terms such as sensitive and personal data, the regulations purpose, best practice, and the consequences of non-compliance.  


Understanding GDPR and its Impact  

  • GDPR and data security is vital to any business both legally and reputationally. This workshop if designed for those who oversee business functions to understand what data protection is and how it applies to your business. It will also cover how to review the robustness of your current processes and systems, along with understanding the consequences of non-compliance.  


New Technologies for a Sustainable Future  

  • Existing leaders will discuss and assess various technologies that could be beneficial in boosting organisational sustainability skills and capabilities. Case studies and success stories may be used to address the benefits and challenges around the utilisation and implementation of specific technologies relating to sustainability. Aspiring Leaders will consider a practical approach to the implementation of technology into their teams working practices that could lead to increased sustainability. You will consider the team training and development implications, the financial and time resources relating to technology implementation, and how technology will change working processes and practices.  


Cyber Crime and what it means to your business  

  • The increased use in digital technologies in the workplace has also seen a rise in cybercrime. Understand what possible risks your business is open to, such as how you store data or financial information and ways you can protect yourself against cybercrime.  

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